BionX E-Bike Battery Replacement

Do you have a BionX e-bike that needs a new battery? Let us rebuild, refurbish, and upgrade your old one! We can swap in fresh, grade A lithium ion cells to get you back on your wheels. We've squeezed in as much as 40V 13Ah in a rear rack case more than doubling the range of the original battery. We can take care of all form factors of BionX e-bike batteries whether it's the rear rack or down tube style.

BionX E-bike battery replacement

All of our batteries are warrantied for a full 12 months. All you need to do is fill out our Battery Intake Form and send us the battery, charger, and bike. We'll even recycle your old batteries for you! Don't let a drained battery keep your bike just collecting dust. Give us a call and it'll be going better than new!

BionX E-bike Battery Repair and Upgrade

Due to the nature of the BionX systems, we require the bike in order to validate the rebuild.

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EBike Marketplace - November 16, 2018

@Jack – We do not stock new batteries for BionX systems. We can potentially rebuild your existing battery though.

Jack Mcdonald - November 16, 2018

I am looking for a bionx 48v canbuss battery

EBike Marketplace - October 22, 2018

@Michael – We cannot guarantee the functionality of BionX rebuilds if we do not have all of the electrical components to test it with due to their proprietary software.

Michael J O'Donnell - October 22, 2018

I have five Bionx batteries (48 volt) which require rebuilding. I own numerous Bionx bikes. I don’t quite understand why you need the bike. where are you located?

EBike Marketplace - July 19, 2018

@Keith – We’re in Las Vegas, NV.

KEITH VASS - July 19, 2018

Where abouts are you? I am in Hervey Bay-miles from any E-Bike services?
I have a recumbent trike weighing in at some 27kgms!

EBike Marketplace - July 11, 2018

@Manuel – Thank you for your service. We prefer to do the rebuilds locally. Some of the batteries we end up sending back and forth a couple times, which might get impractical with the whole bike. We’ll be in touch.

Manuel Garcia - July 11, 2018

Hi. I’m interested in having my 48v BionX battery rebuilt. I’m serving in the military overseas. I believe I can ship it by air if the battery is installed in the bicycle. I’d basically be mailing you the entire bicycle in order for you to rebuild the battery and then have you mail the entire bicycle and battery back. Has anyone else done this or have you only done local BionX rebuilds? Also. What would be the cost of a rebuild on a 48v D500 bike?

EBike Marketplace - June 27, 2018

@Judy We’ve had some luck doing remote jobs and have a 36V BionX system in house for test purposes.

Judy Kerr - June 27, 2018

Not sending trike 1,000 miles to get a battery. Any other options?

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