Rad Power Bikes Battery Replacement

Is your Rad Power e-bike not giving you the range it once was? Send your battery pack to us and we will rebuild it to better than new! We can service downtube, seatpost, and rear rack batteries for the RadWagon, RadRover, RadCity, RadMini, and Step Thru models. You don't need to buy a brand new bike, just upgrade the battery you already have!

Rad Power E-bike Battery RadWagon RadRover RadCity RadMini

We use fresh, grade A cells to get your ride performing like new or even better! We have plenty of cell options to meet your balance between price and performance.

We warranty all of our work for 12 months. Fill out our Battery Intake Form and let's get you back on the road!

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Robert - April 19, 2018

I’m looking for the exact same thing.

EBike Marketplace - April 2, 2018

Hi Greg, we typically only do rebuilds, but we will be in touch regarding some options.

Greg - April 1, 2018

I have a 2018 Radrover and would like to purchase a battery from you that is compatible with my ebike. Would like to have more juice but don’t want to put to much of a load on the bike. Extended range would be nice. I currently can’t buy a additional battery from Rad Power Bikes because it is unavailable for the 2018 models.

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