Reention Downtube Battery Packs

Reention makes popular battery packs used by many different bike companies for their sleek, semi-integrated downtube design offering high capacity. They come in a variety of voltages and capacities. We can rebuild them all, often time upgrading your capacity to give you longer ride time!

Reention Battery Pack Replacement Repair Service

These battery packs can be found on E-Joe, Volt Bike, Samson, Juiced, Surface 604, Smartmotion and FLX among others. Even if we don't have an online ordering link, contact us and we'll help you out. It doesn't matter if it's a 36V or 48V pack or what capacity it was to begin with.

All of our rebuilds are backed by our 12 month warranty. So if you're ready to get back on the road, send us your battery and charger with our Battery Intake Form and let us rebuild your battery.

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EBike Marketplace - June 5, 2018

@Raymond, Unfortunately we do not stock new batteries, but we can rebuild your old one. Send it in using our battery intake form and we’ll take care of you!

Raymond Barraclough - June 5, 2018

Hi there I’m looking for a elife battery for my elife air foldup bikecycle 36v/ah battery 250watts make of battery retention Rapier IR_1

Jim Tozza - April 23, 2018

I have a BionX battery, it three years old it loosing it power.
I am disabled I use my bike to get around.
BionX went into recievership
I don’t want to buy a new bike I just want to refurbish the old lithium battery. How much in a ball park figure would it cost..

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