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Reention Downtube Battery Packs

Posted on March 01 2018

Smartmotion Battery Cell Replacement Service

Reention makes popular battery packs used by many different bike companies for their sleek, semi-integrated downtube design offering high capacity. They come in a variety of voltages and capacities. We can rebuild them all, often time upgrading your capacity to give you longer ride time!

Reention Battery Pack Replacement Repair Service

These battery packs can be found on E-Joe, Volt Bike, Samson, Juiced, Surface 604, Smartmotion and FLX among others. Even if we don't have an online ordering link, contact us and we'll help you out. It doesn't matter if it's a 36V or 48V pack or what capacity it was to begin with.

All of our rebuilds are backed by our 12 month warranty. So if you're ready to get back on the road, send us your battery and charger with our Battery Intake Form and let us rebuild your battery.


  • Joseph Derhovanesian: October 12, 2020

    I need to purchase a recent on Dorado battery for my revi civi predator.48v 13ah. Do you sell these

  • EBike Marketplace: August 10, 2020

    @Mike – We’ll be in touch with our current options!

  • Mike: August 10, 2020

    Do you have any empty Dorado cases 48v 17 Amp hr I want to build a custom 72v battery that will fit my bike

  • EBike Marketplace: July 24, 2020

    @Larry – It sounds like some cells are dying in your pack. We’ll be in touch with our recommendations!

  • Larry Slate: July 24, 2020

    I have an X-treme E-bike. It sat for a few months, and even though the battery showed fully charged, and I charged it for 8 hours anyway, it now cuts out under high load. It shows fully charged, and works on flat up to Level 3, but going to level 5 or hitting a hill causes the bike to die. I have to pull out the battery and put it back in to reset. Does that sound like a battery problem or a different problem? Battery PN 48VEB-200. Sticker on battery shows JKBA BPMD00118 48V/10AH. If it likely is the battery, what is the rebuild cost likely to be? Thanks.

  • EBike Marketplace: July 23, 2020

    @Becky – We have a couple Reention models. Check the length and connection port on your battery to ensure proper fitment:


  • Becky Lang: July 23, 2020

    I need to buy a Reention battery for my Juiced Crosscurrent e bike my battery is 48 V . do you all sell these?

  • EBike Marketplace: June 12, 2020

    @Ray – I’ll see what we can find.

  • EBike Marketplace: June 12, 2020

    @Amy – Please send us some pictures of your battery and we’d be glad to help.

  • Ray Attridge: June 12, 2020

    Do you guys have any DIS0015‘s (power switch and LEDs for a Dorado) I could pick from you?

  • Amy Burke: June 12, 2020

    I need a new Battery for my electric crosscity bike

  • EBike Marketplace: June 08, 2020

    @Dennis – We’d be happy to rebuild/upgrade your battery for you. We’ve done Smartmotion batteries before.


  • Dennis Andrews: June 08, 2020

    I have a Smartmotion 48v 11ah battery that wont charge anymore because I didn’t keep the charge up on it. Most places say that they cant fix it because it has certain data that goes up to the display built in the frame of the bike. Its a Smartmotion Pacer. No dealers in USA so its china or Australia. Have you heard of this before?

  • EBike Marketplace: June 01, 2020

    @William – We’d be happy to rebuild and upgrade your battery, if possible.


  • William Searcy: June 01, 2020

    I have a reention 48v13.6ah that came in my samson ebike. The battery appears to be bad. Can you rebuild it. What does it cost? Can I move up to the next ah capacity and purchase it or one like the original?

  • EBike Marketplace: May 28, 2020

    @Iain – Unfortunately, we do not offer Dorado batteries in 36V configurations at this time.

  • Iain Rutherford: May 28, 2020

    Is it possible to buy spares for the Reention Dorado downtube battery. 13aH 36V.
    It’s the internal small circuit board for the battery indicator with 4 LED’s. Mine got wet and it’s fried the board. The bike works fine otherwise.
    Regards Iain

  • EBike Marketplace: April 20, 2020

    @Daniel – It depends on what the repair is going to end up entailing, but we’ll be in touch with our current pricing.

  • Daniel Jarquio: April 20, 2020

    I have FIVE FLX REENTION Dorado 48V 17.5 Ah batteries that need repair. Can I just get a price quote over email? Shipping them will obviously be very expensive, and I want to know if it’ll even be worth it. I could just buy the 48V 21Ah version from another site, if it’s cheaper. Thanks.

  • EBike Marketplace: February 25, 2020

    @Bob – Please send us some pictures of what you have and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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